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Collecting Auto Loan Consumer Debt


An auto finance giant was challenged with dealing with immense growth while trying to ensure that budgetary revenue growth goals were met. FidoTrack Gamification created a unified employee reward and recognition program that helped them achieve their growth and finish the quarter 115% over revenue growth targets.


Deliver unified employee engagement platform on collection service agents, supervisors and business directors.

1. Create a motivating user interface that is easy to use.

2. Unified Coaching platform that seamlessly ties incentives to goal directed coaching.

3. Leverage multiple competitive mechanics to increase top line revenue.

4. Recognize small achievements and often by new hires to help offset attrition in the first 90 days of on boarding.

Summary of Objectives

FidoTrack Gamification Solution

Tightly manage agents and supervisors to performance goals through an integrated set of engagement mechanics and consultative meetings. Design and Development of mechanics were focused around affecting distinct behavior outcomes.   Consultative meetings were to be used to provide calibration between the Client Playbook and results “to date”. FidoTrack Success Director would also provide insight into ancillary data trends that may be occurring as a result of the main behavior focus initiative.

The Goals of the Pilot

1. Agents speak with five right party contacts per day worked
2. Agents receive one first time payment from a customer per day worked
3. The department needs to meet or exceed a budget established monthly by the executive team


Right Party Contacts Goal

90-Day Performance

225.76% Increase over goal

First Time Payments Goal

90-Day Performance

23.93% Increase over historical average

Department Revenue Budget Goal

90-Day Performance

31.21% Increase over goal

Summary of Results


Agents, Supervisors, Business Directors and Executives were provided a unique User Interface that provided an objective view of Organizational performance across the employee spectrum. Agent, Supervisor and Team goals were outlined from the onset, they were clear and the progress was tracked in real time. Supervisors and Business Directors used rapid Badging and Leveling to keep new hires motivated as they learned the new skill. Additionally, integrated Coaching was highly used to provide immediate feedback to new agents which allowed a “course correct”, improved knowledge retainment and kept agents on goal. Finally, Duels, Contests and Challenging Agents to surpass their personal best fueled productivity gains. As evidence the middle 60% of their total agent pool improved productivity by 41%.  One of the biggest factors that contributed to this immense increase was utilizing “most improved”  Agent vs. Agent, Team vs. Team and User defined group vs. User defined group Contests. Subsequently all goals set on the onset were surpassed and the Client realized an ROI of 2120%.


Fees Collected (Over Budget)
Gain on historical average: $69.520.70

We have been using FidoTrack for some time now, first as a test and then in production with multiple teams. There are multiple advantages to agents. Besides performance improvements, motivation and retention, one of the huge advantages that it provides is complete transparency for agents into what other agents are doing. It completely removes and dispels favoritism between managers and certain agents, because they can see actions moment to moment what is occurring and the results.We put the Fido game in our lowest performing groups and it has helped us stabilize our performance and reduce turnover of agents.

Game Master M.Michaels